How We Work

Through a partnership with Hawai'i Educational Resource Experts, you will be supported through the entire implementation process, from the initial consultation to in-person professional development with trainers who understand the local culture, and in-state support staff who work in your time zone.

1. Consult 

Getting to know you. We determine a personalized implementation plan by first getting to know your school and your students, your struggles and your achievements and we personalize an implementation plan accordingly.

2. Implement

When we have identified the best implementation plan, we will provide in-person training and constant local support.

3. Sustain

Support doesn't mean we'll only be there when you have a problem. Support means that we check-in to make sure you feel confident that your students are maximizing their growth potential from the program.

4. Budget

The benefit and growth of a student always comes first. We offer partnership grant funding available to assist with the cost of implementing new programs.

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